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The Interventional Cardiology Cardiac Cath. Lab. is directed by dr. Antonio Colombo for the past 30 years and is a leading center in Europe and in the world for treatment of coronary and structural heart disease. Dr. Antonio Colombo has been recognized one of “The most influential scientific minds” by the agency Thomas Reuters in the year 2014.

Areas of expertise span from complex coronary interventions including treatment of coronary total occlusions, usage of bioresorbable scaffolds and treatment of multivessel coronary artery disease including left main stenosis. In the field of structural heart disease the Interventional Dr. Colombo and his Group have a very large experience in TAVI/TAVR, in MitraClip and in the treatment of a number of structural pathologies. TAVI are performed with new generation devices and our valve of choice is the Sapien 3, associated with a low incidence of paravalvular leaks and need for permanent pacemakers less than 8%.

Strengths of Invasive Cardiology in Columbus 3C

An important asset for all the procedures that can be performed in Invasive Cardiology Section in Columbus Hospital 3C is that we can utilize the expertise External Consultants considered the most advanced for the pathology to be treated.

Coronary Pathology

  • Extensive experience in coronary revascularizations with all procedures guided by IVUS or OCT

  • Use of all modern technologies for the treatment of calcific lesions including lithotripsy

  • Use of drug-eluting balloons, when appropriate: Selution (MedAlliance/Cordis) coated with sirolimus

  • Treatment of total chronic occlusions using all the specific materials for these pathologies

  • Use of Biodaptor/DynamX, a drug-eluting stent capable of restoring pulsatility, positive remodeling and vasodilation to the treated vessel thanks to the resorption of the horizontal junctions, orizzontali (DynamX BioAdaptor)

  • REDUCER implant in the coronary sinus for the treatment of refractory angina (New England Journal of Medicine)

Structural Pathology

  • Transcatheter treatment of aortic stenosis: TAVI/TAVR with use of filter for cerebral protection and implantation of “Balloon Expandable” (Sapien 3, Edwards) or “Self Expandable” valves (CoreValve, Medtronic; Navitor, Abbott) according to the type of pathology. Most of the procedure are performed utilizing Sapien 3

  • Treatment of mitral insufficiency with MitraClip or Pascal

  • Treatment of tricuspid regurgitation with TriClip or Pascal

  • Patent Foramen Ovale closure, also with the NobleStich system (without the use of foreign bodies) or with other specific devices when indicated

  • Percutaneous closure of the left auricula with different types of systems

  • Percutaneous closure of atrial and ventricular septal defects

Peripheral Pathology

  • Treatment of aneurysms of the vascular system for which therapy with a transcatheter approach is possible
  • Transcatheter treatment with stents for stenosis of the carotid arteries and other vascular areas with or without use of stents or with drug-eluting balloons

For other pathologies not listed here please forward a specific request


The research activities of the Interventional Cardiology at Columbus Hospital are and have been published in all major Cardiology Journals. The Cardiac Cath. Lab. participated and is actively involved in a number of First in Man studies leading to approval of different new devices in addition to taking part in trials under the auspices of the Federal and Drug Administration of USA.


State of the art equipment is available with particular emphasis to imaging. Intravascular ultrasound, optical coherence tomography, and Near Infra Red Spectroscopy (NIRS). In addition the Interventional Cardiology department has all new generation cardiac stents including various bioresorbable scaffolds.


Antonio Colombo is the Director of Interventional Cardiology then there are four Senior Operators.


Dr. Antonio Colombo


Dr. Patrizia Presbitero

Dr. Gloria Melzi

Dr. Federica Della Rocca

Dr. Marco Luciano Rossi


Antonio Colombo e Associati

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